Great game today. West Islip was leading most of the game. Early on up 4-0 in first quarter. Outstanding performance by both teams especially West Islip. Considering SWR's 1st and 2nd lines are all going D1. WI lost vast majority of faceoffs today. Above everything else this was the difference in the game and cost WI a win. WI looked better as a team, but almost every faceoff they lost. SWR is a stellar team, but I think they were incredibly surprised at how good West Islip is. Many of the kids on WI have been overlooked and are extremely talented players. One thing which was very disappointing was the fact that SWR's security made all West Islip fans leave the visitors stand because "they were too loud" cheering for their team. There was no cursing, etc just good old fashioned cheering. I believe SWR was being spiteful and childish because at that point in the game WI was up 4-0. So apparently if you play SWR on their field dont cheer too loudly because you will be asked to keep it quiet and move off the visitors stand. I think the fans support of WI was definitely making a difference and SWR wanted to remove that advantage, but what can you expect in a world where people are now too soft to hear words they deem "not nice". The old sticks and stones saying no longer applies, especially in SWR. In any event, great game and look forward to the playoffs.