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I feel bad for the dad that held his kid back once...or even twice.....that coached his kid as much as possible....making sure his kid payed attack and faced off all the time....was always on man up....scored a bunch of goals.....made sure his kid was on the best travel teams.....went to every prospect camp.....and now his kid is riding the bench waiting for all these older kids to cycle through their extra year or even two because of COVID. Yeah...I feel bad for that dad! LOL. I actually feel bad for that kid.....

You seem bitter and sad.

Agree... original quote demonstrates the stupidity of one particular person. We all should feel bad for the HS players for the next couple of years. Not because some may sit on a bench in college but because many of them won't even get to play lacrosse in college and experience the comradery of being part of a team. They may not have been the fool in their HS but they were certainly good enough to play in college and now won't have the opportunity because of the knock-on effect of the college players that all get an extra year of eligibility. Nobody is angry at the college student. Parents and players are upset with the NCAA because the parents may have wanted something better for their son and the player won't have the opportunity.