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Just wanted to poke my head in and visit to let all of you know to get some help. Seriously, add up all the pages and replies for the boys 24,25,27,28 and you don't even come close to the number on this 2026 page. You all need some help, they are in 7th grade!

As a parent of boys in multiple age groups, including 2026, I can tell you that there is not a correlation between the number of BOTC posts and the craziness of the parents. There are crazies in all age groups, and the normal/crazy ratio runs pretty constant. The way that BOTC works is that posting activity naturally breeds more activity (your own post is but one example) and it so happens that this board is more active. I am sure the advertisers love the 2026 crowd, and if they are smart, they will post some provocative comments on the other boards to stir up activity.

Just curious, why are you visiting five different forums and counseling strangers on how much banter is too much - maybe you should ask yourself why you care how much time others devote to lacrosse talk?