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NCSA, SportsRecruits, ConnectLAX, etc..

Are any of them really necessary? Do college recruiters really reference them?

Any opinions/thoughts on these sites and services?

It is very important for several reasons. Just one of them is the coaches emails are already there and easily accessible. So it is much easier to email multiple coaches. Also you can tell if a coach looked at the email or video. Further all the player information and videos is there for the coach with each email you send. So your email can be shorter and just refer the coach to the lacrosse profile. Sprts Recruits and connect lax are the two most used. Those are the only ones I would consider. My son used connect lax and had a second one with sports recruits used just before he committed. Sports recruits has a better tracking system showing which coach looks at the profile and video. Connect lax has great deals for making videos. Call both and see what they can do for you.
Save your time and money. Make your own video, link to Youtube. Recruiting services are expensive and not very helpful. Most clubs have enough connections to assist. Contact college coaching staff directly to the schools you are interested in, be realistic. The player has to be your own advocate, that is who the coaches want to hear from, NOT the parents. It's not easy but you have to invest the time and give them guidance. If you player is good enough the recruiters will keep tabs on you. It's all about what they need to fill out their roster

Agreed! That's how my kid did it and it worked out very well. Spend your money on going to individual school camps. This gives you the opportunity to play in front of coaches for multiple hours.