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Is Kildare the B team? They got crushed last week against Garden City

c team

but they would still beat 91 by a touchdown, maybe more

no disrespect to tilts but sometimes its more about the jimmys and & joes

My kids team played 91 this weekend and got crushed- no name needed as I don’t want to hurt my daughters team. I was excited to see her coach due to the threads and seeing her training everywhere recently. I was not disappointed and can confirm everything said on this thread about her. There was not a minute she wasn’t coaching. She was hard on the kids but for every fix this comment was a why behind it. It was also clear she was trying to handle herself with grace as her kids racked up points. You could see her calling more plays, asking her kids to practice different types of shots, and more. She also took the time to clap for my daughters team and even call out numbers from our roster to congratulate them on good plays. I understand that some teams may be better than hers, but after seeing what so many have said first hand I get why everyone seems to be flocking towards her even if she coaches for a program that isn’t one of notorious stature. Not sure that this post makes any difference in the grand scheme of it all but I felt like the team deserves to be recognized when it’s due