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It the kid is a top student and lives in an area where the public schools are safe and don’t force liberal bologna down the kids throat, then going public (better access to higher education) is the proper choice, plus being a big fish in a small pond isn’t necessarily bad. Top students don’t need to rely on lax for some college tuition, they will get academic scholarships

Never been about the money or scholarships. We have always planned and prepared to pay out of pocket (529 savings) for kids' college and grad schools. Not saying scholarship money wouldn't be nice or even better one of the Academies. smile

But, our kids have been given the choice about private schools. They have all chosen to stay public. Our schools are good enough (for the top students) that the kids are fine. I'm certainly not going to force them to go to a private school because of better lacrosse. That is a lost's bet even for sports where the kid has potential to make a living off of it. It's moronic for lacrosse where even the PLL players make $35k/year.

If our kids needed the personal attention/small class size of a private school, that would have been a different matter. I know a bunch of parents that made that decision and it worked well for their kids.