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What are everyones thoughts on if you should play for the big name club or the coach that is a better fit for your kid?

This is a good question: here's my 2 cents; it depends on what you want. If you plan to end at high school/varsity then go where you will play and get good coaching. The latter is so important. That being said, if you play for a bad team sometimes you will develop bad habits that don't really translate well to lacrosse. For example: ball hogging hero lacrosse. Doesn't really work as the competition gets better, but if you are the best girl on the team and the team is bad, you will be asked to do it all and play all game long. Sure you play, but bad habits develop.

Want to play college? Well, big name program helps. BUT I think it still about what you can do for yourself in showcases and camps as opposed to playing on A team or B team or C team or whatever. In the end, make sure your girl is happy. Sometimes being just part of a winning team is what will bring back the memories of having a good time when they are older. Put her on a weaker team where she plays more might be good for playing time, but if you lose all the time it's hard to break bad habits that develop both in terms of winning mentality and the habits as I mentioned above. Good luck