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True is the least “true” lacrosse club I am aware of. Plant a flag all over the country. Add in as many kids from other marginal clubs as they can with all sizzle and no steak marketing. Try to find one or two diamonds in the rough out of the sea of average athletes they con with their hype. Owners get rich. None of the local teams are ever good enough to compete in their community on their own. 4 times per year, like Noha’s Ark, they take 2 kids from every team (the diamonds in the rough who blossom) and enroll them in a big name tournament. With this national “all-star” team in tow they compete against clubs that are truly local, whether they be LI Express, Tigers, BBL or Hawks. If they ever prevail and beat one of these teams they claim they are a top club. What have they really accomplished? Beat a local team with a National team.q For this reason I continue to dislike True. If they can ever bring one of their local club that plays together on a regular basis to a tournament and win a game against decent competition they will have earned my respect. Until then....not!!

So which Ture team is playing this Sat in De? 😂 😂

If you havent figured it out this is part of lacrosse now. True, 3D, 91, Express, Madlax and Sweetlax. You are a fool because Hogan opened up Richmond Hawks.