I am guessing from your response that you live on the East Coast, where every kid plays and every ex-lax professional has a clinic every weekend for players to attend. Being in a non-hotbed state, like myself, we don’t have that. We also don’t have such a huge population of really good players yet. In order to compete at good tourneys it’s imperative to be on a National team, if we don’t we can’t compete at the highest level. As a result, good players on teams like True, Mad Dog National, WCS, 3D National, Team 91 National, Legends, Unrl and Nationals play to gain that much needed valuable experience in good competitive games (like all the East coast enjoys any given weekend). It’s also imperative for good players in non-hotbeds to get exposure and that happens on National teams. These National teams provide our kids opportunities that they would never have otherwise and it comes from need. And kids like my son come away with it with friends all over the US.
But don’t be fooled, most of your East Coast teams are pulling kids from all over the country, Crabs, Team 91 just to name a few pull kids from CA, CO and TX on the regular at all ages. Just like your private schools and boarding schools show extreme interest in our players when they perform well at one of the many showcases. Do you detest those teams that pull in kids from other states? Why do you think they do that?
What you should really care about is your own child and choosing circumstances that give him the best results, kind of like what I do. Who cares what teams other kids play on, be thankful that there are several very competitive teams coming out every weekend to play your team and paying big bucks to be there. If we didn’t come out you would play the same few teams over and over again. Be thankful your son has the god given abilities to play and relish in these times, they pass by so quickly and if you’ve spent that time being angry you are missing out on so much happiness.

If you don’t live in the Non-hotbed areas you have no clue what parents are up against and the measures we have to go through to give our kids the same competitive advantage your own East coast kids have. While you enjoy your Sunday dinner at home after a long tourney weekend, we slum through BWI sweaty and hungry trying to get home by Monday morning to work and spend the plane ride doing homework. But we do it because we support our children and really it is fun! Be thankful that your location awards you benefits that other kids don’t have instead of mocking other children. What’s so ironic about this whole thing is that all your children are pretty cool and friendly, they are friends with players like mine on National teams, they don’t begrudge their peers and they support each other. It’s surprising how they get it, but adults don’t.