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Wow, the uninformed ones.....
Big mid who scores a lot...is in fact on age, has been hurt and will be at wsly

the big attacker who is not...is NOT their most dangerous one....

Here are facts:
1. there are not 3 surprise hawks overage......only the 4 addressed
2. they all have roles, but mainly the 2 will be missed
3. the team will still show up, be coached to outwork everyone and hustle until the end.
4. every kid on that roster will give it their all
5. the big middie will be there, he is not practicing or playing for any other teams
6. just because your team = on fire do not come for the best!

Looking ahead to the Hoco league.....
Crabs are nothing, 10 holdbacks brought down from 2025 and still could not get it done. There is only like 3-4 age legit kids on this team.....SAD!!!!
Looneys - laughable their goalie is like 17 right?
91 - what
BLC - do not play like a team, hawks already had their goalie
ML - No O, solid D
NL- not ready
PLC - Used to be good until Hawks took their soul
Diamondbacks - See PLC...only difference... Hawks put this team out of business
FCA - As Coach Rage once put it....Fake Christian ***holes
True - Bwaahahaha......They Train More....and why would anyone....nevermind I honestly feel bad for any parent that got sucking into this sad excuse for a pyramid scheme. They thought they were a legit lacrosse team, but just put money into the owners pockets.

Ah there it is; the Hawks pride; gotta love it!! Your son is about to lose his spot in July so be ready. LOL