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Towson is only using "on age" kids that grew up within a couple miles of the school - the way high school sports should be played.


Should maybe, but most top High School and College teams all have players one to three years older than their grade/year.

Just the way it is. MD has an attackman that is 24/25

In the MIAA you can’t be 19 until the start of school. There is no one who is 2+ years beyond their grade year.

Hilarious. Yes that is the rule, which is generally followed by having many one year holdbacks, but there have been 2 year holdbacks occasionally with no issues. There are multiple High Schools with prefirst then PG players,,,which makes them Two years older....College another story, holdback in HS, PG, Red shirt and you are 3 years off the bat in Freshman year.

Forgot,,,College extra year eligibility due to Covid and now we have Freshman at 21/22.

College is a 5 year prop now for the kids that can play. Plan accordingly.