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Originally Posted by Anonymous
2025 Cannons Gold

302 Lacrosse 2025

3d Garden State 2025 AA

Breakers 2025 Blue

Building Blocks LC U14

Jersey Express 2025

Mad Dog NJ Boys 2025 Black

Madlax Monuments

Top Caliber

Tri-State 2025

True Annapolis 2025

True PA 2025

VLC Black Ops

Zingos 2025 Black

Top 4 to advance:

- Madlax Monuments
- Building Blocks LC U14
- VLC Black Ops
- Mad Dog NJ Boys 2025 Black

I think more than 4 will advance. More like 6 or 7 based on previous years. Maybe add in Jersey Express, Cannons and True Annapolis as potential contenders.