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Fair point except for the fact that most, if not all, of the kids you say do not want to play college lacrosse have recruiting videos. Also the best from GC are playing college just not division one. Just face the fact that the game is spreading and being from a top HS program from Long Island is not enough to be recruited. There are other options on Long Island for college coaches. It is hard to figure out why there are so many excuses from one GC parent on why they are not able to produce division one level recruits. We have heard Covid, they don’t want to play college lacrosse, they don’t want divisIon one, they want to go to academic d3 programs even though only one is doing that, and some others. The reason is clear from the list. Other high schools, who have never really produced college level recruits are now producing multiple Division I players. These kids are taking spots of the Garden City’s of the world.

uote=Anonymous]This is great besides one fact that, based on the amount of "research" you did, not everyone wants to play lacrosse in college. When you look at the seniors playing lacrosse at say, GC, why do you not also account for the fact that the majority also play football and basketball. Why are you not disappointed that they are not playing college football, basketball, etc?
The simple fact - not every kid who plays high school lacrosse wants to play in college. The (new) simple fact - many of the schools that these kids are going to, currently, the entire college team is not playing because their school decided not to even support them playing. GC 21s have the right idea... you, on the other hand, have WAY too much time on your hands...

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One never knows the truth so I did a little research because this topic is important for many reasons and one is NOT to bash Garden City. Numbers are numbers. It is true that lacrosse is spreading across long Island. As it appears for the Long Island Class of 2021 the D1 commits are spread out. Yes some surprise High schools have multiple D1 commits. Most are great academic and/or lacrosse colleges. Here is the list of high schools from Long Island with multiple players going on to play division 1 lacrosse for the class of 2021 (in alphabetical order and split Nassau/Suffolk):




Carle Place



Floral Park


Locust Valley


North Shore




Bay Shore





Mount Sinai

Shoreham- Wading River

Smithtown West

West Hampton Beach

Feel free to correct if there is an error.

No Dog in this fight but I am confused.... Why are you implying that these other schools have not produced DI lacrosse players in the past? I realize that GC has produced many and maybe not so many in the class that you seem to point at but from what I know many of the other schools that you list have produced a lot of DI players.

I do agree with the premise that "town teams" are not the best way to develop players and get them recruited.

I did not mean to imply that. Many schools on the list have produced D1 players but some have not or not many. The interesting part is not only some new schools but also some of the schools not on the list.[/quote]

D1 commits mean nothing in the 2021 class. Many kids I knew opened their eyes, and chose top D2 and D3 programs that they can run for a championship at instead of being blinded by D1 titles.