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In 2019 the former API Diamondbacks 2026 team went winless in the top bracket. That team disintegrated during the summer and now gone.

Crabs were 1-6 and FCA 2-5 in 2019. All this info is on the GHOCO website. The rumors from this board insinuate that crabs have reloaded with 2025 kids to compete in spring 2021. FCA may have imploded this Fall.

VLC and Next Level be careful wishing for elite placement. Yeah mommy and daddy will be crowing about how their kid made it to elite but getting drubbed every Sunday will lax off the parents and make the ride home to Fairfax or Bethesda unpleasant for the little guys. If VLC and Next Level have deep rosters with elite players then go for it. If they rely on a few studs and have weak benches then play in the next bracket. No kids have fun losing 15-3

Correct, then the top players on those teams will hit the tryout circuit in August and move on.

These observations are spot on. So does this mean that HoCo elite will be a 5 team division: Hawks, Crabs, Looneys, BLC, and MadLax?