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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]For those who don't feel Shannon and the Smiths are supportive of athletes educational and athletic future ... Please Google Sam Apuzzo's televized speech when she received the Tewaaraton Award! Check out the only coaches/program that she took the time publicly recognize! And if you say well that's because Sam was a stud and the others don't get the attention & treatment. Everyones daughters simply need to train harder! That does not daughter from that statement!

Things have certainly changed since those days...[/quote

Not for my daughter’s team. Sam has always helped out and been a great inspiration. A great reminder that any girl who works hard and stays humble can achieve her dreams. So proud of her accomplishments and philosophy. Sad that you need to put a negative spin into a Tewaaraton achievement!

Hmmm wonder why Appuzzo doesn’t coach with TC anymore

She's coaching for BC now.