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My daughter is a 2024 and we play for a smaller club and is one of the best on her team. People keep telling us that if she wants to play in college we should move clubs. What 2024 team is strong at this age group?

I second the reply about 91 2024 Crossfire. I saw the coach already posted but did not attach it to your original reply so you may need to scroll down to find it. This past summer my daughters club team played played the crossfire team and lost after the coach clearly told her players to stop scoring. The parents on the sideline said it was her first game with them which was alarming to me in the best of ways. She spent the entire game coaching with no play off. My daughter came off the field and asked me if she could try out because the coach gave every kid who came off the field feedback. Unfortunately my daughter did not make the team after going to a tryout. The coach did not simply post numbers of kids who made it but rather reached out to us, and I assume every other family, individually. Coach Sam sent us a drill list that paralleled her feedback for my daughter. When I tell you I was taken away by her professionalism and care for my daughter.... My daughter has played another fall with her club team which as the other reply mentioned has four teams for the 2024 grad year. We are just as upset to have not made the team as we were this August, but she plans to try again this summer.

I'd also look into some of those teams labeled as "elite." They often have way over two lines for positions and will make as many teams as they can collect a check for. These teams will bench weaker players, so if your kid isn't the best on one of those teams she won't really get any looks.