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[quote=Anonymous]I'm not the original poster nor a mom, nor is the girl mine - the Legacy girl is the best on Long Island in 2023. Offense or defense, she is the best. Sorry if it doesn't fit into your world view but that is my opinion, which is not illegal, yet.

So you are not the Legacy mom just a lax mom who stalks players got it. There are a lot of great midfielders in this age group let’s leave it at that. Don’t worry legacy mom your daughter doesn’t have to be touted as the best midfielder to get recruited.

Who makes up this nonsense. I think I know the girl your talking about. She’s a good player but a tier below the better YJ and TG girls. Not sure how you could make an argument that she is best. Was she on the UA all tournament team? What has she done? All-County? All-Leauge? Freshman of the Year? Please tell!