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Glenelgs best 2 players just transferred to St. Marys

I thought Spalding was getting all the transfers. These kids aren’t dense.
I heard Spalding offered the GCS kids full rides, a Camaro, customized denim jackets, and some of the other finer things Glen Burnie has to offer but those kids don’t know a good deal when they see one.

Archbishop Spalding High School
8080 New Cut Rd.
SEVERN (!!!), MD

We are at least 3/4 of a mile away from the Glen Burnie line (the traffic light by Hip Hop Fish and Chicken)

New old mill high school being built across the street from
When it opens which will be a better public high school? Spalding or Old Mill.

I’ll go with Old mill. They both have the same amount of post season success in lacrosse. Except Old mill has actually made the playoffs before. As for the academics, I’ll go with old mill again.

Difference is that Spalding has a chance at Championship while Old Mill will only be in playoffs .

If that’s the mentality at Spalding they’ll keep on their tradition of losing forever. And so you admit Spalding and fricking OLD MILL have the same success as a program hahaha. Lastly, no Spalding does not have a “chance” at winning anything. They have about as good a shot as JC does, which is a big fat 0. Old Mill is closer to a ship than Spalding because they’d just need 2-3 studs and they would be a top team in the county.

Good Grief Hammerhead. Reading comprehension was not your strong suit in school. Spalding will be in top 4 and may surprise a few people with a chance at MIAA title this year.

Since AA County is still closed, will Spalding play under the Dingers name this spring?