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I love how the FLG son has anointed himself as some sort of industry expert......What a complete joke! He wouldn't recognize lacrosse talent if it hit him in the head. Several kids FLG cut in my son's year ended up going Ivy or Top 10 D1. Kids who stayed and were treated as superstars by FLG ultimately went very low D1, low D3 or nowhere at all. Run away!!!

Anointed Himself as the industry expert to those who agree with him. FLG is all about marketing. Papa Bear and Baby Bear are trying their best to capitalize on this sport, sprinkled with a little Harlem Lacrosse to help them along the way. Once your kid decides or thinks which direction they want to move right after [ChillLaxin].S., if lax fits that bill and the director or coach of the travel organization can help reach those goals, fine, use them to get what you want. 91 and Express are the best at marketing their college commits.