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[quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous][quote=Anonymous]Who did BLC beat in the fall? To me, they’ve been a very good team since 2019 NGLL.

no real differentiation between 5 and 8 in my mind. I actually think outside of Heros this year as a general rule is well behind where comparable teams were the last 3 years. not sure if it is covid or just a down year in general

I've noticed the same. I think last year's 6th graders was a significantly better class. In fact some clubs like Coppermine can't even fill a B team at this level.

I wouldn't say there's a correlation between A & B teams and talent in a given class. It speaks to participation I think, simply a quantity vs quality issue.
We simply do not know enough about this class to judge on the talent unless you are seeing a huge amount of games played under COVID restrictions.

What I can say is there seems to be a big gap from the top tier teams to the average teams in this age group.