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That's a bunch of garbage! I don't know about the younger teams but 2023 threw 2021 were the top teams from the Outlaws! PB jumped ship and took those teams over to the Rebels complete with the coaches and gutted what talent was left of the Outlaws! Now that club is just a shell of what he spent years building! It may not have been the best club but they got alot of of kids recruited!

This is a business for these guys. It happens in every industry. Workers leave and start out on their own. When they leave they take customers to the new business. After you start a new business you must produce to keep those customers. Rebels 2021 had great success with recruiting. I hear the Rebels did nothing to help those kids. They happened to have some talented players that got recruited on their own. Now the Rebels take credit for that success. They then tell customers how great they are at recruiting. From the low numbers of 2022 Rebels that have been recruited so far it looks like they will need to have some help to get recruited. If the Rebels don’t help these kids word will get out that the Rebels do nothing to help with recruiting and they will loose business. People will leave for other clubs. That is what happened to the Outlaws and the same will probably happen to the Rebels in the future.