This message board stinks. Could be decent but most care about ranking 10 year olds or gloating when a children's lacrosse team loses a few games. Here are the facts: There are a few teams that have had more success than others. Most teams in the middle of the pack could win or lose any game any day. The teams change each year somewhat and so their success will vary year to year. We all pay way too much (some more than others). There are crazy parents on every sideline. Some programs choose to travel more than others. Some will go across state lines and others will not. It is all good. Worry about your own kid and their health and happiness. Every single team that has been named in this thread has lost at some point. Also, most every sideline including (Rebels and Turtles lol) is filled with out of shape middle aged parents. Folks, look in the mirror and be honest... Its not that great what is staring back at you..