1.Fall tourneys have just started hard to say what is going to happen?
2. Pride red. What is mid tier? I think they are a top 15 club? Maybe they have not played much in the fall?
3. MD united east? Rumor has it they picked off LBC good players? May need time to gel?Not many games.
4. MnD Red is fast, but small with a good goalie. You could do worse. Might be pretty good by end of year.
5. Skywalkers has a lot of new players? Need to blend them into the team? Not sure.
6. I think MnD black and Heros green are tops in mid Atlantic right now.
7. In the DMV- Skywalkers, Pride, Nems, MD united, then Stars, Hoco, in some order maybe. then MnDred and white Heros Coppermine, Cardinal, Redshirts? TBD Lot of movement early season lets see what happens on the field.
What teams do you think are underrated at 2025? I will pitch NJ AIM have seen them a few times and they look like they can play. Usually in a lower bracket. Would like to see them play tougher teams.