Agree or disagree with these thoughts from the fall tourneys so far?

- CR continues to stockpile talent on 2025 MnD blk. They will continue to dominate during the fall and will start to come back to the typical A level club pack (skywalkers, MD united, Steps Blue, etc) during summer of 2021 heading into HS like the rest of the MnD Blk teams have historically done. (Yellow Jackets and Heros already beat them consistently) IMO this is based on when you cannot rely on older girls who play down a year (for early academic development of course) to even out with the appropriately aged 2025 girls who are now maturing, coaching starts to really matter, and honestly when MnD Blk 2nd tier girls leave and go to the other A level clubs b/c of a lack of playing time.
- All of the hubbub on this forum about Pride Red being a top 3 team last year falls to the side as they come back to the typical mid-tier pack. This happens at this age when the A level clubs start to pull more athletes from these programs and coaching starts to matter.
- MD united east looks more athletic, but doesn't have the polish to compete with MnD Blk.
- MnD Red continues to stomp lesser teams when CR doesn't put them in the A division, unless there is no choice to play in same MnD Blk division.
- All other mid-tier and lower tiers remain the same. Yawn...