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Wow. It's guess it's really true what 'they' say about Long Island. You people are f-ing crazy. Have you ever seen an Eclipse parent on here ranting or disparaging kids and parents from other programs?? They'd have more of a right to talk smack than just about any parent from any LI program. That said, these kids are 11. Half of them haven't even started growing yet and most of the ones who have are awkward because their feet grew 3 sizes in 6 months and they're tripping over themselves. There are definitely a lot of very talented players & athletes out there, but who knows what these kids will be into by the time they reach high school? My best friend growing up was a baseball stud from t-ball age and was recruited to the minors out of HS. He ended up playing hockey in college & then the NHL like his brother. I picked up a lacrosse stick for the first time in my life as a freshman in HS and ended up playing 4 years of D1 lax. Things change and your kid might not even still enjoy lax by the time he graduates from middle school. Enjoy watching your kids play a fun sport and learn the value of teamwork and hard effort. Push them to improve their stick skills & IQ about half as hard as you push them to get good grades in school and you've probably found the right balance.

Ok guy. Sorry. Ain’t buying your story. Your right about crazy parents. But your “I picked up a stick in 9th and played DI college and my buddy was in NHL.......”. Give me a break.