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The focus needs to be on Spallina, Levy and Frank. They are the coaches and the select the kids with final say. Selection committee is I am sure a bunch of no names. At the end the coaches have no ethics or didn’t do the job of review.

Some better be careful of where they currently are at right now. The Gtown program fell off the rails when RF decided to coach USA, and asst lost her job at BU. Takes a ton of time away from regular duty at their school. History will tell you not good combination

Yes, 100% on the coaches. Not sure that I agree with the assertion that coaching Team USA will have a negative impact on a coach or their program. Like him or not, JS is an excellent coach I'm sure he will be fine. North Carolina will always be one of the Top Programs simply because of all that the school has to offer.

Good luck to all who were selected to tryout for the US Team.

Originally US Lacrosse indicated that they would select 72 players to be invited to the US Team Tryouts, the actual number invited was cut to 50. Does anyone know why they reduced the number? Does anyone know how many players applied? I remember they said more than 500 players applied for the U19 team and they invited just over 100 to the tryouts. Obviously, there are a number of very well known current players who were not on the list of invitees. Did many not apply?