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Curious how each club handles the recruiting process. It would be nice for parents with younger players to know. What kind of assistance is offered at clubs like YJ, TG, Liberty, Elevate, Jesters?

Here is the best advice anyone can give you. Depend on no one except yourself for recruiting. Make all your own contacts with the coaches at the schools you are interested. At most you can ask a coach or director for a letter of recommendation. Please do not rely on other people for this, no matter what club or position they may hold. Also be realistic about which schools will be interested. If your kid is a top five kid of all of Long Island, she will have many options including a few of the top teams in college. A top 25 kid will also have a fair amount of options, but likely not too many from top 20 schools. For the many years I have been involved, I would have to say the biggest problem is players/parents overshooting. Pick a few reach programs, the bulk should be good fit programs, and you better have a bunch of sure bets in the mix as well. Then contact all of them yourself, it is 100% your responsibility, leave nothing to a coach, director or club.