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I never write into this site but felt compelled to do so. Spallina should be embarrassed of himself and so should Levy for allowing it. You have one kid on the entire list who has never played a college game and her only accolade is her new coach has no shame and showed who is actually running the tryouts. Has Stony Brook even been practicing for Spallina to have seen her play and what kind of joke committee lets him get away with it. I was going to say before daddy comes on to claim sour grapes blah blah but even he would not try to justify this in any way. Whats the most disgusting about the whole thing is she actually took the spot of some very deserving player , not that USlacrosse cares but people should let them know it tarnishes the whole process.

I usually defend tryouts and the selection of players to various teams but I have to admit that this is a bit much. Is it possible that there was a limited pool of applicants?