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Anyone going to National All Star game? Curious to see how you think NJ stacks up in the 21,22,23 groups.

Nope, just another waste of $$$ 2022 is the only level that has a shot. These are basically LE teams with a few Steps kids added. 2023s are weak as evedent by going 0-3. Beware the money grab that is Leading Edge. It's coming back to bite them. 2024 squad is even worse.

2026 team looks good. They went 3-0 against top notch competition this weekend and have made their case for being the best 2026 team in NJ.
Slow your roll, they played B teams. It's great they went 3-0 but the only teams that played AA teams last weekend was the LE 25 and 24 teams. Both got beat but got better. I think the 2025 team played a b team last game and won by 13.
NJ teams never beat the top LI teams in the Fall. Losing by less than 4 is a postive. NJ teams only practice once a week and 90% of the kids play football, hockey or that other sport.
LI teams play a differnt game. They practice 2 to 3 times a week and play a Tom Izzo style, goalie has the ball in his stick less than 4 secods and he is hitting a middie in transition. LI kids never give up anther check is always coming.
It will take a mind shift to compete with LI teams.