These parents crack me up. They seem to think that they have it all figured out and know all the players at this age and speak in generalizations about players and programs. Yes there are b teams and a teams and aa teams. While the team may be b or a it doesn’t mean there are no aa or a PLAYERS on those so called labeled b teams. I’ve seen yr in and yr out and as kids hit puberty it is a game changer. Not just physically but mentally and the kids that want it, aren’t burnt out are the ones that play and succeed. Often times these are the players who were the the top players from many years ago but also players that play on these so called b teams or second tier programs. Remember nobody cares about team results in hs it is all about individual play. I also know for sure some of these players on these so called tier 2 programs and besides a few making an aa or top team, some of them can prob even start. Wait as time will tell but enjoy the ride as it goes by fast. Also worry about your own kid and don’t care what other kids do and don’t do.