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Shamed for having their kid in the top 10? Please. IT doesn't matter if these kids are holdbacks. They are elite level players no matter what age group they played in. Why are you people so enamored with this??? It is what it is. Obviously it works or so many top level kids wouldn't be doing it. You chose for your son not to and some did. GET OVER IT.

Life is not fair Mr. SNOWFLAKE

Just because it works, that makes it right?

Of course they are very good players even though they are holdbacks. That is not disputed. It's also not disputed that probably none of the holdbacks would have been in the top 10 (except for 1 maybe) if their parents didn't game the system to give their kids an advantage. That is my issue. I'm not enamored by it but I'm bothered by it. So are most others. There are 7-8 true rising juniors that would have been on the top 10 list these holdback parents played by the same rules as (most of) the others. You know and I know. If it makes you feel better to justify your cheating by saying life isn't fair, that's up to you. But people are going to keep calling you and the others out.