Glad SkyWalkers rise to the occasion and keep it classy. That’s how parents should be. Not whining about this and that, complaining about calls, or bragging about how older teams did and didn’t do. Evaluate your daughter’s team and live in the moment, not what happened last fall or last year.

Bitter parents won’t realize what outside coaches see; unselfish ball movement and while one girl may stand out, it takes an entire team to win. If you read the initial post, it’s factual, not emotional. Someone was upset about the coaching comment, well, it starts at the top and that is the coach. A coach can have all the talent, but won’t win if they play as individuals.

Competition in the 23s is extremely high. The team to beat is SkyWalkers. The key word in that last sentence, TEAM.

Elite is a well rounded team and are extremely well coached.

The recruiting journey will be challenging for all the girls in every club. Best of luck