Read the post. That is an objective view of top teams that have been playing. Others post nonsense and call parents out. Look at the teams that have been playing THIS summer. Not previous records or accomplishments from years past or clubs older teams. That is the past.

SkyWalkers have dominated play this summer. Then M&D and Legacy, followed by Heros. Top Guns and Yellow Jackets will be in the conversation at some point, but have not played, so should not be commented about. Stop being a parent. Watch the games and assess the teams.

SkyWalkers are well balanced in all areas. Playing as a team and unselfishly. Heros went from a top contender to losing multiple games. The loss of one or two players should not make a team, if they do, then your team is one dimensional and the coaching has not adjusted. M&D have lost games this summer. The high impact attack players that dominated in isolation plays have been figured out as girls have become older. Legacy operates a good defense which makes them a contender and utilizes ball movement and fast cuts to score.

Watch games, stop being a parent. Be objective.