Yes, there are two MadLax 2027 teams, Capital is the stronger team and plays in the top division in Hoco and tournaments, and DMV is the weaker team. The 2027 DMV team is actually a hybrid of 2027 and 2028 B level players, so it’s not surprising they were beaten badly in 2027 B divisions earlier in the summer. For summer exposure, the DMV team did not have enough players, so an email went out to Capital families asking for volunteers. Capital was not playing in that event so nobody played for two teams in the same tournament; any Capital player who wanted extra time and whose parents did not mind the 8 am start were welcome to suit up. Depending on which Capital players played, which I don’t know because my son did not take up the offer, maybe the team was too good for 2027 B (the lowest division of three) and could/should have played 2027 A (the intermediate division) instead. But, it was not known in advance which Capital players would volunteer to play, and it was probably too late to bump to another division. I checked the scores and they were not exactly blowouts. The Saturday games were 6-7 goal margins and the two Sunday games were both by one goal. Hope this helps.