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Thinking about trying out for team 91 tri-state Monday Aug 3 or Tuesday Aug 4. How's their girls program?

91 gives their girls program zero love and they are never competitive. Like ever. What you're seeing is all marketing and a sham. Plus, your daughter will only be entered in 91 "mylacrossetournaments" which are generally a battle of the B teams. Better to lose in A then win in B.

Depending on where you live, I've seen competitive girls teams (not 2027, older teams) from STEPS and Dewlax in NJ. CT Grizzlies in CT. I've also seen some decent girls teams coming out of BBL (NJ) and Primtetime (Westchester/CT).

Many teams are still practicing - contact club directors and arrainge to go to see a practice. Then have your daughter tryout if you like what you see.