[quote=Anonymous]Wow, someone has obviously drank the Maryland United koolaid. Will be interesting to hear your thoughts 3 years from now when you are approaching actual recruiting and you are just 1 of many and not really getting any true assistance. I’ve had two daughters go through it already and I can assure you that MDU will not have your daughter’s best interests in mind. That is why our youngest is with another club. And our older girls were always on East and were starters. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd and their club priorities (vs what’s best for the student athlete). I’m sure you think your daughter is special and different but I can assure you she isn’t.

Having multiple kids in multiple boys and girls lax clubs, they all have pros and cons. Find one that keeps your kid engaged and happy. If they are not, they will quit soph/junior year and detest lax. If not sooner.

MDU is as solid as they come. The Dir is engaged, communicates very well and the girls love her. There are draw clinics by former players and older girls currently at MDU and people know they have solid goalie attention at every practice. MDU has its cons too. Do you see MDU going to the Mid-atlantic championships? This has been a gripe for awhile for some MDU families. No one or club is perfect for every family.

Let me know any club that has 8-9 age brackets with two teams each, and can give individual lessons to every kid. YOU have to schedule these with outside coaches in addition to the normal practices, and that is every club. Not sure what people expect with clubs having over 300 kids. Oh wait, these are comments from families that haven't gone through the actual full recruiting process. Enjoy!!!