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It is baffling to me that the head of a club and their employee would start this whole airing of LBC laundry and then try to end it with this long bashing of a family who only bent over backwards to helped them. The coach they are referring to yelled all the time, always cancelled practices, and had a rec coach mentality that everyone got to play and the team stopped winning tournaments. When parents voiced their concerns they were told by this head that they could go elsewhere if they wanted to and they did. It looks like karma is coming back to who?

Our daughter did not have the same feeling about this team. We had lost 3 key players to other organizations prior to last year. That had much to do with our success. Yes, the coach was boisterous, but never negative. There were a few parents that were extremely vocal, but were considered way too dramatic from our perspective. We left LBC FOR 1 simple fact, exposure for our daughter. LBC claims to play in the most competitive tournaments, however the reality is the opposite. MDU plays in the best tournaments and get much better exposure. No need to disparage anyone, even the directors as this is out of their control.

Good luck to everyone during the recruiting process regardless of organization affiliation.