Are any clubs besides M&D collecting money for the summer season ? I am curious how clubs are handling the wait and see pattern for the summer season. Are any clubs offering refunds or credits for the spring season that now seems to be completely canceled ? I am not advocating one way or another - I'm just curious what other clubs (heros/coppermine/Skywalkers/MD United/hoco) are doing. AS this virus lingers longer and longer it seems possible summer won't even be played. Even if the lacrosse clubs and tournament directors want to play - the facilities and schools may not be open or available. I'm hearing of colleges beginning to close/cancel summer activities. There may not be fields to play on. I don't know how prudent paying for summer lacrosse is at this point - maybe a month from now we will know more. I'm just curious to see how it is being handled in different clubs.

Any information is appreciated.