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Anyone have any insight on the Warrior All America Games? Is this just another money grab? Or all the tryouts/competition legitimately competitive and all the gear worth it?

it's a mess. Terrible communication last year. If you happen to have a cool regional coach who basically takes over the situation and team, then lucky you if he/she likes your kid. If you are relying on unbiased consideration and fair playing time, keep dreaming. And the talent is definitely not peak. Some OK kids but very random.

Total money grab. Went last year. The equipment is sized poorly and uncomfortable. I literally don't know where any of my kids stuff is, he wouldn't use it. This should tell you a lot..... We had tryouts, found out we made the team. PAID OUR MONEY, then we literally received 0 communication, no meet ups, no team intro, no coaches intro, nothing. No one tried to get the teams together for a meal outside of what Warrior did. Other teams met prior and had dinners. We had to randomly walk around fields the first day to see who the heck our team was and coaches. The team was flat out terrible. A very very disappointing experience. I was glad to spend some time traveling with my kid, but could have paid the same to go fishing and had a much better experience.