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Who are your picks for the Top Girls Lacrosse Teams in each division and County?

McDonogh and SPSG should be top two teams this year.

Not sure why you’d think SPSG is going to be a top team. Basically a 500 team last year in the regular season and got a easy draw in the playoffs.

NDP and GCS were an easy draw in the playoffs last year? They took McD to double OT in both games last year and led most of the game both times. They had 6 losses last year and 4 of them were in OT or double OT. One was a one goal game and other was a 2 goal game. SPSG lost far less talent than any other teams. They lost 3 starters to ACL's last year that are back plus a transfer junior that will add more offense. Their defense was one of the tops in the league and all 4 starters are back for the 3rd straight season. They have 2 solid goalies this year. Not sure why anyone would think they won't be strong this season.