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U ALL REALLY WANT TO FIX THE "CHEATING"? BOYCOTT THE WSYL.... You all sit here posting about it but will still write your checks, pack your bags and play a Long Island tourney in Denver. The T shirts should be given to the parents and say 'Sucker" on them. The only way to cure what ails youth lacrosse is to cut off the source of infection. Dont like "cheating"? THEN DONT PARTICIPATE...PROBLEM SOLVED! Or write your check and close your yaps

Such a dense post. You may feel that it is not worth it to travel to Denver and play a lot of money to play many LI teams and that opinion has some validity. But how is there cheating involved with the WSYL? They have a product and they advertise the product fairly (a U13 lacrosse tournament with clear age rules). People can then make an informed decision whether to participate or not. That's entirely different than what you cheaters from MD and PA do. You enter team in a tournament under the guise that its kids the same ages playing each other but you have your holdbacks that are older. That is cheating. Maybe it works out in that your kids get recruited in college but don't come on this board pretending its something its not. And you can take your $4k per year scholarship to college but the lesson you are teaching your kid - if you can't compete fairly then figure out a way to bend the rules - is weak.