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You are right posting the pic no big deal. Juvenile and lame but to then tag the player for everyone to see his personal Instagram is meant to intimidate and embarrass. It invites young kids who know no better than to send hateful messages. It makes a point to current families that this is what happens should you leave. Kids move from club to club, HS to HS, and College to College all the time. I have never seen a Club Director, HS Coach etc go to these lengths. It speaks volumes to how petty Cabell is and how he is not a role model for your kids.

Arrested and kicked out of Hobart for anger management issues and forced to seek counseling.
Fired from McLean High School for allowing underage drinking by his players.
Fired from St. John's for kicking a player.
Fired from Potomac for threatening an 8th grade Potomac student for switching clubs.
Sent the following email to an 8th grade Landon student for switching clubs: "Hey ungrateful quitter....Your former teammates and coaches, who detest you now, can't wait to get a piece of you Saturday when we play vlc."
Creates an IG story bullying 8th grader that switched clubs.
Do you see a pattern here?
Is this the type of person that you want as a role model for your kid?
By partaking in his program, you are only condoning his behavior and sending a terrible message to your kid that this is acceptable behavior.

Wow, great guy, huh!?! Quite a track record. All those Madlax parents must be proud that this is who they are giving their money to.

Ok guys you are winning you will get your way soon. DC Express is going to push Madlax off the Map. You might just have to wait for this 2024 to to Graduate but you will soon have Madlax out of your lives for good.

He's not going anywhere and has more interest than just 2024.