As the previous poster alluded to, there are a number of teams all over MD. Depending on what your looking to get out of the experience, I strongly suggest you understand the mission/objectives of the teams you are looking at. For example, some teams claim they focus on player development, and then the training ends up being some dad who never played but did carry the cones to and from the high school practices whose doing the teaching.

Other clubs are just a money grab (they'll take any player who signs up for a tryout), usually indicated by programs with more than one team at an age group. Be aware of daddy ball (dad coach) which is pretty wide spread in MD. In some cases its not necessarily a bad thing, and in others it is a complete disaster. Some teams will stretch the truth when announcing how one of their teams did on social media (e.g., "Our 2025 team won the AA division championship at "Y" tournament", but there was only one division with teams that played in the "B" division in the GHCLC spring league). Maryland is in the midst of going through some changes in the club scene with national brands coming into the state the past few years (e.g., 91, Express, 3d, True, etc).

If you can get historical data on the GHCLC division standings, it will give you a pretty good idea of year over year changes in competition level (division moves) and records, which could be an indicator of things good or bad.

With all that being said, I have heard positive things about Team 91, FCA, Looney's and Breakers. Good luck in your search!