MLL : Four Teams Fight for Three Remaining Playoff Spots

With one spot spoken for and Rochester out of the running, the last regular season games are looking more like playoff games. Every team except Chesapeake can clinch their own spot in the post season, but not at the same time. And with a 3-way tie in third place, it may fall on head-to-head matchups to make a final decision about whoís in and who is out.

Boston secured their spot last week with a 10-9 decision over the Outlaws. This week, a win over the #2 Nationals would guarantee Boston the number one seed. But Hamilton needs this one too, a win for them ensures not only a position in the post-season, but puts them in first place in the league. A loss this weekend leaves them in danger of being eliminated the following week. The two have met once before, Hamilton took the contest, 16-12.

The 5-5 Bayhawks are matched up against 2-8 Rochester this week. Rochester may be playing just for pride, but this game is huge for the Bayhawks. A loss would mean they could only make playoffs with a win over the Outlaws and two consecutive Long Island losses. The Bayhawks have already beaten the Rattlers twice.

In the Outlaws-Lizards match up, either team can clinch with a win. If the Outlaws take it they will finish no worse than 6-6 on the season and their 3 wins over the Lizards would ensure them a spot. If they lose, they would need to beat the Bayhawks by two or more in the final week to earn a place in Annapolis. Should the Lizards win and Chesapeake lose to the Rattlers, the Lizardsí two wins over Chesapeake would guarantee them a spot in the playoffs. The Outlaws have already beaten the Lizards twice, but the teams havenít met since June and additions like John Grant Jr. to the Lizards could change everything.