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Response to a post on the Express Forum...

I'm sure not all of the current Barracudas would make the team in a real open tryout...there may be one or two fl$, Maverik, Express Orange, Bandit or other kids that show up that were overlooked or not known about when the Barracudas were formed that are better than some of the Barracuda kids.

When someone from the express comes on here under his real name and explains the real truth about this team, them I will listen. There is way too much conflicting info to even be bothered reading through it all. The only thing that I believe to be true is that express was one of he last teams if not they last to announce try outs at this age group and their date is before everyone else. I bet they will sort through the kids first and try to lock in the better ones so they don't try out for the remainding teams.