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Thank you for your response. Yes she is trying out for a more competitive club. She plays defense. How long are the tryouts usually and what drills or skills evaluation are they looking at? What does the schedule of a tryout usually look like?

Some clubs have multiple tryouts, some with callbacks. They will usually run basic skill drills, perhaps then separate positions and run some offensive/defensive drills and perhaps run half field game situations. As I stated earlier, it will be pretty clear if you are in the right place once the drills start and you can compare the talent level. I think that the most important thing is to be realistic with your expectations. If you daughter is well suited to the team that she is trying out for, then great, but if it seems as though she is not close to the same caliber as the other girls, perhaps another club would be better. The travel schedule can be time consuming and expensive, you do not want to end up travelling all over the place in the summer if your daughter will get little or no playing time. Also, you are not married to the club forever, your daughter is young, you have plenty of time to feel things out.