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What does the "red" and "Blue" mean? there are towns labeled as Red that do not have that color in their scheme, same goes for teams labeled as Blue???

Please help. One week left and it is vacation week, many families need to make arrangements for their families between boys games girls games (dare i say baseball/softball).
For the red and blue designations, you will need to speak with your club unless a poster on BOTC has some information. Given that many clubs have these designations, we cannot assume that the reasoning is the same across the board.

As for Baseball and Softball, are you aware of Back of THE PLATE ?

FYI - I checked with a representative from the SCGL and was told that colors are used only to distinguish between two or more teams from the same town in the same grade - and have no bearing on skill level. They were assigned by the Town coordinators, who also assigned a skill level to each team - A, B or C. SCGL then used the skill levels they were given (and sometimes geography) to form divisions within each grade and make the schedule.