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So the trolls on this site are still going to anonymously attack kids , coaches , teams because they are too cowardly to speak their minds in person . In the end you have to feel bad for them as I can’t imagine going thru life being such a coward. Now for some predictions in Suffolk.
A division .
It’s Northports division to win . They have 4 players who would probably be the top player on every other team in the division. There problem may be the game is played with 1 ball and they have a lot of mouths to feed. CR will have no excuses this year and if she does not get the job done it’s on her. I believe they go on to win the whole thing this year.

Either Middle Country or Riverhead should make the finals . These two teams are essentially a toss up with Riverhead being a team full of good players while Middle Country may not be as deep but are better at the draw. I think Riverhead finds a way to get it done and make the finals .

Smithtown East ; Smithtown West ; Ward Melville will all be in the mix but just don’t have the horsepower.

Feel free to pick apart the above it’s just a guess . Will do B division later .

Why are West Islip Girls dropping to "B" but the WI Boys are still playing in "A"?

Agree, NP should win "A" without much trouble. Smithtown East and Riverhead should make the Final Four. Not sure who else has a chance.
What happened to A division lacrosse in Suffolk? Any way, NP will not win, they will blow it because CR can't really manage a team. Fantastic business woman, but bad coach. Theoretically, NP should win every year if CR was a good coach. Every kid that plays there has to/does play play YJ, meaning she is coaching these girls no less than 3/4 of the year in a place that is a lacrosse haven, but still has only won 2 or 3 Islands and only 2 states in a 25+ year career. Theoretically, that horrendous for a coach that has had that much talent pass through her hands.