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hypothetically, if you dont play on a "AA" team for whatever reason but your a legit player, can you get noticed by just going to prospect days - i guess a better question is, is, how many kids are getting recruited at the tournaments these days

Valid point. Prospect Days and Individual Showcases are essential regardless if you play on a "AA" team but you're exactly right with your rhetorical question...Over 2k kids at some of these recruiting events with maybe 100 scouts so it's not easy to be seen however, there are the smaller, boutique events that are typically invite only which is when I believe & can attest that I know players from a couple of teams receiving contact from in between 10-25 schools. But overall, no matter what level team or whatever team you play for, if you attend the right showcases and prospect days for schools on your target list, those are ways (i) to get or (ii) to receive 'extra exposure.'

As for the above post about 2021's not being recruited this year, I know for a fact from college coaches that they will be looking at them, especially towards the end of the summer. If you wait until the start of your junior year, hundreds to thousands of other players will have already been seen by a plethora of coaches and that is why when Sept. 1 comes around, players will receive phone calls at 12:01.