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Question- no rude or judgey comments

How important is club selection at this age (13-grade 8) in terms or showcase- exposure?
Will exposure and showcase come in High School or 13 year old tourneys?

wait until Junior year.

If you wait until Junior Year, it will be too late or should I say rather difficult to get recognized. Just think about when the college coaches are permitted to contact a player (Sept. 1 of Junior Year) so therefore it is pertinent that your son/daughter gets seen before that so when that date comes around, your child is already on their radar.

Contingent on what level will play a role on when it is important to attend quality showcases and to play for a reputable club that attends high quality team showcases. This is especially important for Division 1 prospective student-athletes b/c LaxrFanatic is right about being seen prior to a players Jr Year. There are always exceptions and if you take a look at the recent commits, you do still see 2019s (players going to be seniors in 2 weeks) committing to Division 1 programs but among the 12.6 scholarships that 95% of the colleges have (not every D1 college is fully funded), most of the athletic scholarships are allocated towards other recruits/future grad classes so that is something to consider. For D2/D3 schools, there rules are much more lenient which gives players a chance to be 'evaluated' more however, even at those levels, they are also identifying players that fit their program during there sophomore and junior seasons. Nevertheless, a players Junior Year is very important. Best of luck.